Service Terms & Conditions


  1. Dere Computer Service Centre has been exclusively appointed by Dere China to handle RMA claims and repairs of products such as desktop, laptop, accessories, and others sold through Dere Official’s platform in Malaysia.
  2. We do not provide any sales or after-sales services to buyers, but they may request information directly through Dere Official’s platform.

Warranty Claims

  1. Contact us by email, phone or Whatsapp to clarify on your issues.
  2. Please arrange the following product to be returned within 7 days to Dere Computer Service Center.
For Walk-in Return
  • We operate from Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm, Saturday 8.30am – 1.30pm, Sunday and Public Holidays are closed.
For Return using Courier Service
  • Customer may need to pack the product properly (including power adaptor).
  • Consider to pack with bubble wrap or foam to protect the product.
Estimated Timeframe
  1. When the parcel arrives, our team will inspect the product in 5 working days.
  2. Customer will be notified on the inspection result.
  • if parts are available, replacement will be performed in the next 3-7 working days.
  • if parts are not available, the product should be pending shipment from Dere China.


Shipping Fee
  1. Shipping fee is covered for product under warranty. Customers may claim the standard shipping fee for product return.
  2. Customers are required to submit shipping documents and photos for verification and processing in within 10 days. Submission claim at
  3. Customer may check the claim records status at
  4. For products with over warranty or warranty void, shipping fee is applicable.
Damaged Parcel
  1. If the external packaging of the delivered parcel is visibly damaged: Ask the courier if he could wait for you to check the condition of the products. If the courier agrees, check the product and reject the package if it is damaged. You will need to take a picture of the parcel for claiming purposes later. 
  2. If the product is found to be damaged after the courier has left: Must raise report the case within 24 hours. Provide supporting document as a proof and picture of damaged parcel.
  3. Email the supporting documents to


  1. Any cancellation of repair service for over warranty or warranty void cases, minimum RM70 cancellation fees will be imposed.
  2. We encourage customer to backup all data before sending faulty unit to Dere Computer Service Centre.
  3. Kindly note that we will not held responsible for any data loss in course of carrying our necessary repairs.
  4. The faulty part replaced shall become the property of Dere Computer Service Centre.
  5. Repairs are warranted for 90 days from the date of delivery.